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Official Statement: GW College Republicans Strongly Opposes SR-S18-21

We the College Republicans condemn SR-S18-21, which asks GW to divest from companies associated with Israel, and encourage members of the SA Senate to vote against this divisive measure. While the bill encourages divestment from companies that are allegedly complicit in human rights violations across “global communities,” it specifically singles out the state of Israel. Since its creation in 1948, Israel has fought war after war for its right to exist. What the bill fails to acknowledge is that Israel does not incite wars simply out of hatred. Rather, the state is specifically fighting against Hamas, a terrorist organization that has fired over 22,000 rockets into Israel since the 2005 annexation of the Gaza strip. Hamas hides its arsenals within communities of innocent civilians, knowing that it can demonize the Israeli Defense Force when retaliation occurs. What this resolution fails to mention is that the end goal of the Boycott Divest Sanctions movement is the destruction of the world’s only existing Jewish state. Israeli students on our campus should not feel discouraged in expressing their nationality, and no student should be shamed by their own University for their identity. Passing SR-S18-21 would an unnecessarily toxic and divided student climate, as it means that senators are prioritizing some students’ concerns over others. Such action is not worth taking, and we hope the Senate will make the right decision.

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For More Information Please Contact Caroline Hakes, Director of Public Relations.

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