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Access all that GWCRs has to offer

To become an official member of GW College Republicans, you must pay dues. This is a one-time payment of $30 that covers your membership for life. 

As a dues-paying member, you'll have access to...
  • The GWCRs Internship Bank
  • Priority seating at speaker events
  • The ability to vote and run in e-board elections
  • New merch (t-shirts, hats, etc.)
  • and more!!
Instructions: Once on the page, select "Student Organization," select "GW College Republicans" from the dropdown menu, then select $30 for the payment amount. Please note that GW does not accept GWorld as a payment method at this time. 


GW Engage:

In addition, you can join us on GW Engage for free to stay updated on the events we have planned! 
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