The GW College Republican Executive Board meets every Monday at 9:00 pm in Marvin Center, Room 401. Board meetings are open to any dues-paying GW CR member. Visitors should remain quiet and respectful of the Republican process. ​In addition, each E-Board member holds a weekly office hour in the CR's office, in Marvin Room 422.


Josh Kutner is a senior at The George Washington University pursuing a degree in Political Science, with minors in Law & Society and Criminal Justice. Back in his home state of New Jersey, Josh has worked on local, congressional, and statewide campaigns, as well as several government offices and the state's top lobbying firm. Here in Washington, D.C., Josh has interned for the NRCC, members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, and the congressional affairs division of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In addition to being a full-time student, part-time intern, and devoted College Republican, Josh is a licensed DC tour guide who loves showing visitors around our beautiful city! He is also a die-hard New York sports fan who can usually be found cheering on his beloved Yankees and Giants. Josh's favorite politicians are Chris Christie and Nikki Haley.

Email: kutnerj@gwu.edu

Twitter: @JoshKutner37

Vice Chairwoman

Kynda Alzoubi currently serves as Vice Chairwoman of the GW College Republicans. Kynda is a senior pursuing a degree in International Affairs with minors in Arabic Studies and Political Science. With experience working at the White House and US Senate, Ms. Alzoubi hopes to pursue a career in commercial diplomacy. She is dedicated to promoting core conservative values and championing the rise of women and minorities within the Republican party. She has previously served as Director of Membership and Freshman Representative. Ironically, Ms. Alzoubi is a Lactose-Intolerant hailing from America’s dairyland, Wisconsin. She currently resides in Washington, D.C.

Office Hours: By appointment only.


Sierra Hurson is a sophomore at the George Washington University and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs with a concentration in International Economics and a double minor in Statistics and Journalism and Mass Communications. Sierra grew up in Newport Beach, California, but as her parents recently moved, she now calls Colorado home. She was involved in local and state government in California, interning for both her City Manager and Assembly Member. She currently interns at the U.S. Department of the Treasury in the Public Affairs Office. Aside from politics, Sierra enjoys reading, writing (fun fact: she was Copy Editor of her high school’s magazine and is a total journalism nerd), exploring DC, and is very involved with her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi.


Juli Camacho is a sophomore from Houston, Texas, currently pursuing a major in International Affairs and a double minor in French and Spanish. She is involved in Sigma Iota Rho (SIR - International Affairs Honors fraternity) and ADPI. A huge fan of the Astros, she was invested in the nationals' win her first year at GW. Juli is looking forward to experiencing the 2020 election in DC - a once in a lifetime experience. Fun fact: Juli's brother currently attends GW, and their parents are both GW alumni. 

Director Of Political Affairs

Alex Brandis is a sophomore at The George Washington University and is pursuing a degree in political science with a double minor in economics and history. Alex grew up in Quakertown, Pennsylvania where she consistently got stuck behind tractors on the roads. While there she interned for PA House Representative Craig Staats before moving to DC and interning at the RNC in the Chairwoman's Office. When she is not fully immersing herself in politics and classes or spouting off random facts about presidents, she can likely be found working on Dance Marathon as the Morale Director or working on multiple committees in her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. She is thrilled to be serving as the Director of Political Affairs and to promote the conservative message.

Director Of Public Relations

Patrick Burland is a rising Junior at The George Washington University and is pursuing a degree in political science. Patrick has previously served as chapter Secretary. He was an intern in the office of public affairs at the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  Currently he is the Director of Public Relations for GW College Republicans and is a proud New Englander. 

Director Of Publications

Leigh Payne is serving the membership as Director of Publications while pursing a degree in Economics and a minor in Statistics. Leigh is an East Coast enthusiast; originally raised in North Carolina and recently residing in Rhode Island, she is not looking back from her decision to settle half-way in between in DC. During her Freshman and Sophomore year, Leigh was the Digital Communications Associate at a conservative group called Americans for Tax Reform. Now a Junior, she looks forward to experiencing the 2020 presidential election year with the board and membership.

Director Of Membership

Gabija Petrulis is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California, serving as Director of Membership. At GW, she is majoring in International Affairs. She is also an executive board member of GW YAF and is an active member of her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. While not fighting for the conservative cause, she can be found within her Lithuanian community, reading, or outside!

Executive Director

Joey Rodriguez is a senior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Psychology. He previously served as the Director of Public Relations for GW College Republicans, and he is extremely excited to help lead the organization as Executive Director. Some fun facts about Joey: his jurisprudence is Textualism, Originalism, and Strict Constructionism in that order, has lived in 5 different states, and calls Dallas, Texas home. He is likely making a fool of himself on Twitter at this very moment. 

Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday from 6:00pm - 8:00pm or by appointment

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