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Finals Week As Told by Donald Trump Tweets

Ahhh, finals. What a hectic, trying and maddening period of time. If you thought all your stressing and insanity was over now that the election season has come to a close, you thought wrong. But have no fear, our President-elect is here to sympathize and help you express the whirlwind of emotions you're currently experiencing. Below are actual tweets from PEOTUS Donald Trump that perfectly surmise finals week:

When you keep procrastinating the things you really need to be doing:

When you begin to accept that failure may be inevitable, but you should study anyway:

When things just are not going your way:

When you start trying to make bargains with yourself:

When you keep prioritizing your fun classes over the more boring ones:

When you don't know how to properly cite your sources:

When you start to digress into madness and crazy thoughts:

When you somehow manage to do way better than you anticipated:

And your confidence is restored:

*Bonus courtesy of our incoming FLOTUS*

When you really don't understand your teacher's grading scale:

Study hard and do your part to make GPA great again, Colonials!

Kyla Percival is an online editor for the GW College Republicans. The opinions expressed on this blog are her own opinions and do not represent the official views of the GW College Republicans.

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