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Anti-Semites All Over Campus: How the College Left Has Gotten Israel All Wrong, Part 3

How Did We Get Like This?

As it relates to the disorder on college campuses, how the hell did we get like this? Yes, college professors certainly had an impact on the ideas that consumed so many. However, I would argue that the root of this problem is much deeper than that. For this unreasonable set of ideas to even take hold amongst the student body, it would require there being a willing audience – akin to a virus requiring a host. While I am sure that there were enough students who sadly lack the necessary critical thinking capacity to guard against these fundamentally incorrect and morally infirm ideas, a lot of these protesters – specifically at GW – come from Muslim/Arab backgrounds. This is not to say that all Arabs and/or Muslims are anti-semitic but there are some and it happens to be a lot. 

In Gazan schools, the children are taught to hate Jews. The development of future terrorists starts early in Gaza in addition to the inducement of a Jew-hating mindset. Here are just a few examples: fifth graders at Al-Zaytun Elementary School (Gaza) are taught to glorify the terrorist of the 1978 Coastal Road massacre and refer to him as the “fighting leader” and a “hero”; fifth graders at Al-Zaytun Elementary School (Gaza) are taught to admire Izz Ad-Din Al-Qassem, the “namesake of Hamas’ military wing” – who advocated for murdering Jews – as a “martyr” and “hero”; Al-Maghazi Middle School for Boys (Gaza) conducted a reading comprehension exercise that entailed celebrating a Palestinian firebombing attack on a Jewish bus as a “barbecue party”; at a UNRWA school, fifth-grade students are not only taught that jihad and martyrdom are intrinsically related but that jihad and martyrdom are “the most important meanings of life” – I repeat, JIHAD is taught as one of “the most important meaning of life”; at Tel Al-Hawa Middle School (Gaza), students are taught in social studies that it is a “divine right” to exercise “armed struggle” against Israel; at Asma Middle School for Girls (Gaza), students are taught to not only pursue jihad but to “sacrifice their blood” in so doing; the curriculum at Asma Middle School for Girls (Gaza) also includes a grammar exercise stating, “I will commit jihad to liberate the homeland”. And that’s just in Gaza. 

Herein lies the brainwashing of Gazan children to not only be anti-semitic but to value terrorism and violence, as well. It is hard to imagine how the brainwashing of Gazan children could be clearer. Moreover, this educational brainwashing did not start recently – it has been going on for generations. Anti-semitism is a generational problem, engineered and implemented by the Jew-hating Hamas leadership and the broader Arab elite. 

In the benighted Arab world, controlled and regulated by the Jew-hating Arab elite, anti-semitism is prevalent throughout. When faced with all of the facts and evidence that disintegrates the anti-Israel arguments, the anti-Israel protestors still resort to not believing the truth – demonstrating the real-time impact of their cultural upbringings. 

The hatred towards Israel begins with an evil hatred towards Jews. Many students who are from the Middle East or were born in the U.S., but whose parents are from the Middle East, were brought up with these sentiments. As a result, one becoming of the nature to be anti-semitic materializes. That is what is so chilling about this whole issue because how do you even begin to reason with someone who is so overwhelmed and blinded by their anti-Israel beliefs that when hit with the truth, they will ultimately believe it to be a falsehood while simultaneously exhibiting a complete and utter removal from reason. Nevertheless, their promotion and showcase of anti-semitism and pro-terror rhetoric, as seen by the messages displayed on the walls of Gelman Library, are not justified by simply being unaware of their actions’ meanings.

GW’s suspension of GWUSJP is a good start, however, it resembles a slap on the wrist – GWUSJP will reassemble in the spring and, in the meantime, its members will simply demonstrate without GW’s logo. Ultimately, they will still be promoting anti-semitism one way or another. In numerous cases, members of GWUSJP have sympathized with terrorism. This is beyond the pale and cannot be likened to saying something mean or stupid – something that the Left rationalized as cancellable. Terrorism is in a class of one. Why do we have to tolerate this any further? 

If a GW student is an international student and is spewing rhetoric consistent with support for terrorism, their visa should be revoked. Furthermore, the students who projected terrorist slogans on Gelman Library and put forth GWUSJP’s initial statement likening terrorism to resistance – a justification for the slaughter of Jews – should at a minimum be suspended, but expulsion would be appropriate for the justification of terrorism that ultimately spurred the organization, demonstration, and projection of anti-semitism, terrorist rhetoric, and terrorist sympathization on campus.

People may say that the suggestion of expulsion for the students’ actions, consistent with blatant anti-semitism, is too harsh … Why? Some may respond to calls for expulsion as, Well they just don’t know what they’re saying … They’re unaware of what their words mean.  So let me get this straight … Because the students are so plagued by ignorance to know that what they’re promoting and calling for is not only rooted in a cold hatred for Jews but is, in fact, the literal calling for annihilating Jews … what they’re doing is okay? Since when was asinine reasoning a valid justification for disrupting school discipline and operations? Oh wait, that’s right – it never was. Why should this be an exception?

If one is too blinded by their anti-semitism or too overwhelmed by their senseless logic to refrain from proudly spewing anti-semitism – in writing, as can be seen by GWUSJP’s posts, and verbally, through the public spewing of terrorist rhetoric – that is on them. The responsibility for disrupting school discipline and operations rests solely on their shoulders. These are 18+, legal adults, who can stand for the consequences of their actions. Everyone is entitled to the right to free speech. With that being said, this speech cannot be ignored.  This is America and we do not have to tolerate such backward views in our workplaces or our circles. We most certainly do not need them at our universities – poisoning the next generation of American leaders.

Author: Jack Fisher

The views expressed are the author's alone and do not represent the official position of the GWCRs.


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