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5 reasons why Ivanka's speech blew Chelsea's out of the water

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton both spoke at their respective party’s conventions (Ivanka, the RNC, and Chelsea, the DNC) as a way to show delegates and Americans watching different sides of their parents that Americans might not have seen.

In Ivanka’s speech, she highlighted a loving father, a hard worker, and – to the surprise of many – a champion of women and a man of great generosity. In Chelsea’s, she reflected upon her mother’s role as a change maker and the loving mother that Americans don’t necessarily view Hillary Clinton as.

While both speeches were good, Ivanka was miles ahead of Chelsea and here’s why.

  1. Ivanka spoke with the elegance and the poise of a seasoned pro.

2. Chelsea, repeatedly, reinforced that her mother was the ultimate political insider.

3. She weirdly made Trump seem likable, and someone who supported all Americans (despite what the media makes it seem).

4. While Chelsea highlighted her mother’s love (trying to get her to seem more likable), it fell flat most of the time. I can’t necessarily picture Hillary cheering someone on at a soccer game.

5. Lastly, Ivanka showed the story of Trump’s generosity the media wouldn’t, and won’t, tell you. Chelsea’s speech seemed like she wanted to advertise her mother’s public “charity” that was usually done through government. Simply, it was Chelsea’s “look what my mother did while she was in government” versus Ivanka’s “he would bring it upon himself to help people anonymously.”

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