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How to Conduct Yourself in an Election

As elections to become a board member of College Republics approach, it is important to remember that one should behave with class and respect for others. Winning a CR Election is no easy feat and holding a leadership role for GW’s second largest organization on campus is impressive. Here are some tips from CR’s Secretary, Lauren Wagner:

1. Listen carefully to the preceding board member of the position you are interested in.

Every year, the current board members meet with candidates interested in their position. During these meetings the board members give details of their roles, discuss any difficulties they experienced, and answer questions. I advise that you come prepared with questions. No one will be able to give you a better understanding of the position than the board member who currently holds it.

2. Treat all candidates with respect.

While alliances among candidate are not uncommon, it is unwise to alienate others. One can never be sure who will be elected to work alongside them. Candidates should remain professional while campaigning against others and inappropriate and personal attacks will not be tolerated. GW College Republicans does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, etc.

Remember that College Republicans encompasses a variety of opinions.

College Republicans is proud to have members varying across the political spectrum. The board represents these different views and it would be wise not to ridicule anyone for their ideologies.

4. Campaign to members of other organizations.

College Republicans is one of many conservative organizations on campus. We are pleased to have relationships with GW YAF, the Network of Enlightened Women, and GW YAL. These organizations support and plan events together to further a similar message. Each is equally important in spreading a conservative message at GW.

5. Choose a position that you believe you are qualified for.

The goal of each board member is to improve the roles they are given. All candidates give a speech at the election, which should be used to highlight requisite experience and convince members they are the best to serve in this position. Having a competent board is the first step to ensuring a successful one.

6. Have fun.

Running a campaign is a unique experience. It is important to remember that at the end of the day, College Republicans is simply a student organization meant to create a community among like-minded people. The results of the election will neither secure nor destroy your future. Memes are encouraged. Be nice people.

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