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The End of Spring Semester As Told by Melania Trump Tweets

The end of the spring semester is upon us, rife with heartfelt goodbyes and heartrending final exam results. It's easy to get swept up in the mania and madness pervading campus right now, but have no fear, our first lady has already articulated your exact experience. Below is a perfect description of the end of spring semester as told by Melania Trump tweets!

Preparing to go out with your friends for one last hurrah:

And immediately regretting all your decisions the next day:

Trying to catch up on some much needed sleep that you've missed out on because of cram sessions:

When you reflect on all the questionable decisions you've made throughout the semester (and your life):

And all the friends you've made and lost:

And you reflect on how much you've changed and grown throughout this semester:

When you need a little inspiration to get through your finals:

When you turn in that group project you hated working on:

When your professor offers last minute extra credit for museum visits:

Turning in your Corcoran/art finals like:

When your friend survives finals and is free before you:

Saying goodbye to your favorite professor:

When your not-so-favorite professor assigns something crazy last minute:

And you expect this reaction for how she's wronged you:

When you emerge on the other side of finals week, alive yet sleep deprived:

And you finally get to depart the Swamp (or not...depending on your summmer plans):

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